Friends of a Feather

Well hello there my feathered friend. Flying solo? Wanna join the flock? I see you are hesitant to just roost anywhere. I respect that. If you are a like minded individual, you will feel right at home. We tend to delve into all sorts of new heights to where the sun will warm you then plunge into the depths of darkness. Don’t you worry. One of us will be with you all the way. Fly close and we shall go on this adventure together. I cannot guarantee your safety but it will be one hell of a ride, my friend.

If you are wondering who “we” are, wonder no more. Let me introduce you to the flock…..

The Untouchable Phoenix (better known as the Keeper of the Crimson Quill)

I’ve known this particular mischievous bird of extraordinary talent for the better part of a year. I call Keeper the “Untouchable Phoenix” because of how many times he has risen from the ashes and soared. Seriously, he is a force of nature and the Universe cannot touch him, hence the “untouchable” part. You can get lost for days in all of the articles, sequences, film appraisals and so much more on his website,  No subject is taboo and no stone has been left unturned. To see what I am squawking about, go spelunking.  There are treasures galore.

He gave me my first opportunity to share my work with the world on his site. It is an honor that I have never been able to fully thank him for before now. Go forth and spread the word. This particular bird is definitely the word.

 The Mighty Griffin (better known as Scarlet)

Scarlet is a force of nature. I have seen her overcome everything that life has thrown at her. She is a free-spirited soul and an inspiration to all that know her. Just like the mythological creature that she is named after, she embodies strength, respect, and determination.

On some of my darkest days, I have found warmth and solace in her kind words of inspiration. She gives with all of her heart. There are never any strings attached. She does so out of love. Her work resonates deeply. Her gift for prose is extraordinary as she takes you on a journey of discovery. You will always be safe in her caring arms.

Please be my guest as you get to know this Mighty Griffin. Check out a sampling of her work here on her blog The Scarlet Tongue and on the Rivers of Grue page   Scarlet’s Sanctum 

Coming soon…..more of my favorite writers. Check back often. You never know when one will pop in to roost with us!