Beyond Hope’s Moment

Hope’s Moment Everyone talks about hope. “I hope I pass this test.” Or maybe, “I hope I get that raise.” There is even the all too common, “Oh crap! Was that a cop? I hope he doesn’t see me going 70 in a 35”. I’ve even heard that it can float. I’d stay away from... Continue Reading →


Through the Eyes of a Raven

You feel the last of your will slipping away with the ticking of the clock on your hospital room wall. Your eyelids are so very heavy. Blinking takes so much effort now. Maybe you should let them fall shut, just for a few minutes. Everything is blurry anyway. Sounds drift in and out. A thought... Continue Reading →

The Last Dead End

Some roads lead towards the never-ending sunrise. Others, to a false darkness that never dissipates long enough for you to see clearly. One step forward may bring us great joy, while a few steps back may teach great wisdom. Mile after mile we either skip and sing in bliss, or stumble and fall to our... Continue Reading →

These Dreams of Mine

We are told that dreams are merely electrical impulses that fire for short bursts in our deep sleep cycle. The average dream is said to last only 7 seconds even though, to the dreamer, time crawls by at a much slower pace. Psychologists say that dreams are the sub-consciousness's way of clearing out the waste... Continue Reading →

Notorious Animal Plots

Welcome to another edition of random stories that pop in my head based off of pictures that I find on the internet. Today we are going to play the game, "Deceptive Photos". Is a picture of an innocent scene really the whole story? Never fear for I am here to provide clarity for the animals... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Entries

The following were written on December 21, 2014 in an old journal that I found stuffed on a shelf, where they waited, forgotten, until now. Darkness The ice is spreading. A tiny little prick invests the heart. The light is fading. More ice spreads as hope is lost. All it would take is a spark.... Continue Reading →

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