Awake into the Night

I find myself unable to sleep tonight. Normally I will lie in bed and tell myself a story until I drift off into what ever strange adventure my dreaming brain wishes to conjure for me. Here it is almost midnight and my thoughts form rhymes. I have no idea why it is doing that so to get it out of my system, here is some inane babble. If you are suffering the same fate as I, maybe it will lull you into a deep and restful slumber.


I’ve tossed and turned all I will tonight.

I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll be awake until morning’s first light.

My bones are weary. Why not my head?

I should be deep asleep in my bed.

Instead, here I sit and here I write.

I wonder what about, there is no idea clearly in sight.

Why am I rhyming?

There is no reason.

I don’t have anything really to put here. So I’ll just write treason.

Where this is going, I haven’t a clue.

It is funny because I don’t even feel blue.

So why am I awake instead of tucked into my bed?

Too many thoughts, perhaps dancing in my head.

Not really, for you see I am quite glad.

Life is going swell so I am not even sad.

A tiny seed is growing inside.

I wonder what treasures it hides.

Roses have thorns, this much we all know.

Yet, even if it cuts me, I wish it to grow.

Sprinkle it with dew drops like on the early morning’s grass.

Pray this damn thing doesn’t kick me in the ass.

I’ll write tonight until I become weary.

Hopefully this won’t become dreary.

That would suck and not in the fun way.

I ever live to make another’s day.

To see a smile, someone fill with grace….

Is the best way to put a smile on a face.

Grow little seed. Do your thing.

Maybe you will flower in fall instead of spring.

I think I am rambling with no clue.

It sure beats fighting and turning blue.

I don’t think I would look good as a Smurf.

Besides they live in mushrooms growing out of the turf.

They are always having to hide from that one dude.

He snatches them up. Really, how rude.

My brain is wide awake as the minutes crawl by.

Damn, I really wish I had some pie.

Anyone else feel this way, when you cannot sleep?

Awake in the middle of the night could be bleak.

Instead here I am having a bit of fun.

Man, I wish I could put in a good pun.

This has not made one bit of sense.

Neither does building a one foot fence.

Have I made you crazy yet?

No, hold on. I’ll make you a bet.

If you have read this far, hooray for you.

I promise to never cook you in a stew.

My midnight ramblings do not make me insane.

I just have an overactive brain.

I should get to bed now. There is nothing else to do.

On second thoughts, maybe you would be good in stew.




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