The Yearning

I do not delve into the depths of emotions often. To be completely naked, as far as the soul is concerned, is uncomfortable territory to me.  To yearn for the one you love the most, is the hardest thing ever to accept when the two of you are separated. This is true love in its purest form. When space and time form a barrier that neither of you can traverse, there is an ache in your soul. The ache can either make you stronger or destroy you completely. Being one who is ever hopeful, I think this only makes the bond stronger. I hope that you all get to find that special one that completes you. For all of you out there searching, this is for you. For the one that completes me, I shall bask in your glory soon……

No matter the distance.

No matter the time.

Space will not matter.

You will always be mine.

Our love is eternal.

You have but to see.

I have found you.

You have found me….

Eyes as clear as when the Earth was young. Down into the depths you gaze. Falling, deeper and yet, deeper still.  There is no bottom. You float on an endless mist as the light dances across the iris. Down, down you go yearning for it ever so much more. A fire slowly kindles in your belly. Not the fire of intestinal distress or from worry and guilt. It is the fire of passion.  Deeper and deeper you go. Oh if you could just merge with that mist!

The barrier of a harsh screen blocks your flight. It cares not for the yearning that spreads from your belly up through your chest.  It cold and unfeeling ways only serve to make the yearning spread. Your desires are not of the flesh, per say. No, you only wish to bask in the presence that is the one locked forever inside your screen.

You yearn to stand face to face. Smell the very essence that is their person. Feel the warmth of their body radiating towards your own. To let that fire, that passion to consume you. You wish, to just finally and completely gaze into those clear, unending eyes and find home.

Again, the screen shows you no mercy, as you see that it reflects that same yearning in those eyes that you are losing yourself in. Pupils contrast and dilate. He too is lost in the mist of you. He too yearns for the screen to dissolve. You see his lips part and a soft sigh of recognition escapes. Time stops. For this one perfect moment you both are swimming in each other’s seas.

Together, you shatter that cold, calculating screen. The heat from the exchange is intoxicating. Trembling hands reach towards one another. The moment of contact is electric. Eyes widen as you each pause, terrified that the moment will pass and the barrier between will form once more. Not a breath escapes as the intertwined fingers slowly grip each tighter. Goosebumps erupt all over the skin stretching outward, filling each body with that fire. It fuels the soul. It feeds the yearning.

With gazes locked, each take a leap of faith and pull the other towards them. Meeting somewhere in the middle, they become the mist that each had floated in previously. Atoms combine and mingle until they are one basking in the love that binds them. No more do they yearn. No more do they crave as if they were stranded on their own island days without food. The fire in their souls consume them. Remake them. Weave their minds, hearts, and bodies into one complete being.

As the transformation is complete their pent up breaths release in unison. The moment has passed. The frigid screen is once again in place.  Did it ever dissolve?  It no longer matters. They know the day will come that it will no longer exist. Until then, they live in love, complete. Never again alone. They know that the other is with them. Always.

Time is but a man made construct. Space does not matter. Whether you find yourself here or there, I shall be ever reaching outward. Now. Forever. Always. To the light. To tomorrow. Towards eternity.


One thought on “The Yearning

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  1. This is a truly wonderful piece and will resonate with so many I feel. Moreover, you are an amazing writer and an amazing person period.

    Had to cherry pick this line as it made me squeal.

    “Eyes as clear as when the Earth was young.”

    Superb piece and I am so thankful for you sharing it.

    Liked by 1 person

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