Iron out those pesky wrinkles

Before I begin, I have to warn you. I may or may not talk about bodily functions before this is over. As I am just starting this and have no idea where we will end up, I just thought I would give you a heads up before the shit hits the fan. That crap is hell to get out of one’s feathers, my flock mates.

The other night, I was feeling like a used plastic bag at the bottom of the pantry stash. You know what I mean, right? Doesn’t everyone seem to have that hoard of plastic shopping bags somewhere in their kitchen? Anywho, I felt like the one at the bottom that sees all of the others get reused while it sits and awaits it turn only to get buried under a fresh haul of bags again. Life just sucks and not in the fun way at all. Here’s the problem with feeling like this, it can either lead to the best work of your life or it can wind up biting you in your inflamed hemorrhoids.

We all need to vent from time to time. This lets the pressure off of our systems and keeps us from going temporarily bonkers. I like to dive into my imagination when and see what treasures I can find within all that wrinkly grey matter. I’ve built quite the facility in my head. There, I can be anything and do whatever I wish. I think we all have places like that in our minds. We fantasize about how different our lives would be if we went back in time and made different decisions. We have long conversations with people we will never meet that ultimately leads to hot sex. We have super powers or can shape shift at will. Bottom line, we are the creators of a thousand different worlds and stories. In our minds, we have the power to be gods.

Since I have found my voice once again and can post the multitude of my daily brain adventures, (with the exception of those delightfully naughty fantasies, those are mine to treasure. Get your own, you pervert.), I can now release the pressures of my day on a whim. Instead of going through what has become a nightly routine of venturing into my imagination to see what comes out, I have been skipping this vital step for about a week. The result was Tough Love & Soul Mates.

The original draft I had to completely scrap. Without going into details again, I can say with complete confidence that it was total garbage. The second draft that I wound up posting was not much better in my opinion. Humor is my go to in almost any situation. I like to incorporate it into not only my daily life but my writing as well. It is a coping mechanism that has served me well. Unfortunately, like I said, I had not done this all week. This is a very long time for one such as myself who thrives on making not only myself, but others laugh.

My poor brain hemorrhoids had to take one hell of a big one for the team and there was not a drop of cranial fluid in sight to lube the process. Want to know what the totally insane part of all of this is? Of course you do because you rock. The crazy thing is that I am perfectly happy right now. I am not stressed out. I am not worried about anything. Life is fucking great for once. (Knocks on everything wooden in my house lest I tempt the Universe.) I read my post from that night.  All I could think was, damn. I sound like I am about 51 cards short of a complete deck. Luckily, I realized by the end that I had went a little coo-coo-ca-choo. I kicked my own ass a little and stopped that large stick implant. Was the post still a bit wacky and unlike me? Yes, but it was beneficial. It got rid of the waste and ironed out the unnecessary wrinkles in my ole brain. Too many of the bad kind of wrinkling spells trouble with a capital, “Uh oh”. Tonight I was able to dive in head first into my writing and have a merry good time once again.

We all have to find our own inner peace in our own way. We cannot carry the burdens of other people’s feelings on our shoulders all of the time while neglecting our own. There has to be a balance. You cannot always come first but neither should another. Avoid holding everything in all of the time. Let it out in some way whether it is writing, music, art, video games, cooking, or fixing an old car. Find what makes you happy. Find something that is calming to your soul and then go do it. You will be surprised how much better you will feel. Answers to problems that troubled you will float in your head. Worries dissolve. It is almost like magic. Go forth and claim your happy. Watch out for those large sticks in the out pipe. That sounds downright dreadful.

Peace, love, and awesomeness to all of you, my fine feathered friends.



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