Scratch your way up. Claw your way out. Fight to move forward. Never enough?

Scream at the sky until you feel something rupture in your throat. Is that enough?

Work harder. Scratch and claw some more. Fight until drained. Still not enough.

Strive for more. End up just sore. Scream again. Will it ever end?

Hollow and broken. No end in sight.

Where do you get the energy to continue the fight?

You head feels as if it will explode. Boy won’t that just be something to behold.

Never enough. No matter how hard you try. Sometimes all you want to do is cry.


So fight and claw to change your fate. Do it now before it is too late!

Scream at the sky until you taste blood. Spit it out into the mud.

Get angry. Get mad. Stop the rot. Do it before no one will give you your shot.

Midnight ramblings scrap out the old. Now that is really something to behold.

Settle and you will be left in the dust.  Do if you  wish. If it is a must.

Trust me when I say, you will regret it one day.

The rot will fester. You’ll be left alone, just another jester.

Seize the moment before it floats away. Only you, can save you on this day.


Fight. Claw. Scratch. Burn.

Cleanse thyself. Ask if this is enough.

If the answer is no, then start to learn.

Fight for you. No one else can do it.

Yearn for more, then go out and get it.

It beats the hell out of stewing in your own funk.

For if you do, you die alone, just one more punk.


Live. Grow. Laugh. Love.

Do so freely and you will rise above.

No longer will you have to fight so damn hard.

The Universe might  hand you a wild card.

Scream at the sky again if you must.

I’ll say it only once, just learn who to trust.

Get pissed at those you will bring you down.

They’ll learn to run when they see you frown.


Dance in the moonlight, naked if you wish.

Know through and through that you are a dish.

You are worth it. Of this I have no doubt.

Don’t believe me? Then let’s shout.

The universe sucks. This we all know.

You get what you reap, but first you must sow.

Stop living a lie. Go for what is true.

You know already what you must do.

Go forth I say! Take what is yours!

Actually live a life that you’ve been fighting for.

Love deeply and truly one who will never fail.

To jump on your ship and set sail.

Give hope and no reason to doubt.

Honestly, it is what life seems to be about.


Get rid of the elephant in the room.

Get in touch with your Va Va Voom.

Love. Laugh. Fight hard and sow.

These are the things we already know.

Laugh until your sides plum hurt.

You never know, this might all really work.

Believe in yourself and scream when you must.

Just don’t let your talents rust.

Smile wider until your face cramps.

Watch, it will give you those much needed amps.

Do all this and you’ll find that you don’t need to scream.

The tough times will seem like a far away dream.

You made it through stronger even when it got tough.

This is when you know it is enough.



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