No Lies & Deceit: It pays to be me

Think of a lie and think of it quick.

Man, I am really tired of your shit.

I’m not stupid, I’ll have you know.

I’m not some plaything you can toss to and fro.

Tell me another one. You know I love this game.

No, I’ll never tire of you being so damn lame.

Lie to my face. Go ahead I dare you.

What’s another one or two?

Oh look, you did it again. So what else is new?

I could hold by breath until I’m blue in the face.

When did my life become such a disgrace?


My hair is a complete mess.

Seriously, it looks like a rat’s nest.

Dark circles rest under my eyes.

Boy how the time really flies.

My teeth are crooked and a few are stained.

Good grief, you really are a pain.

I must be batty for dealing with this.

If I leave, who knows what I’ll miss.

I’ll miss the hate I see in your eyes.

I’ll miss hearing all of your pretty little lies.

I won’t miss the laughter because there wasn’t any.

Maybe I could move to New Guinea.

Oh shut up! You haven’t a clue.

Never mind, I wasn’t talking to you.


So I stay. I scream and I shout.

I try like hell to figure all of it out.

I stare into this mirror wanting a revelation.

I’d have better luck learning levitation.

The deceit grows thicker the longer I stare.

In the end, I guess I don’t care.

I’ll keep telling myself these pretty little lies.

Whatever keeps me feeling spry.

Hey, one day they may even grow to be true.

Then maybe I won’t be so blue.


Until then, to myself, I’ll lie and I’ll cheat.

Whatever it takes to keep me on my feet.

In the end, I’m my only friend.

Today is not the day it will end.

I will carry on as I have before.

Maybe one day I won’t be such a bore.

I might wake up tomorrow feeling anew.

Maybe then I’ll know what to do.


For today I’ll fake it.

One more day to make it.

I’ll shine. Just you wait. Just you see.

After all, some days, it pays to be me.

So I tame my hair and put a smile on my face.

Maybe my life is not really a disgrace.

Damn it all. Today I won’t have a care.

Maybe life will decide to be fair.

No more lies in the mirror to myself.

No more deceit will be felt.

I’ll shine brightly for the world to see.

Yes, today it will pay to be me.


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