Many write about love, but few do so as eloquently and with such heart.

Rivers of Grue

Lustre,Organization, Valor, Empathy


Suggested AudioJukebox

[1] Roxy MusicLove Is The Drug

[2] Billy Ocean Love Really Hurts Without You

[3] MadonnaJustify My Love

[4] Pat BenatarLove Is A Battlefield


L-O-V-E. Four little letters with infinite meaning when placed in precisely that order. Love is all we need right? Love lifts us up where we belong. Love will keep us together. I hear you can’t hurry it but also that it don’t cost a thing. Granted, it can be battlefield, and leave us with one helluva hangover if we lose that lovin’ feeling but I’d do anything for love as I reckon it has rather a lot to do with it, this second-hand emotion of ours. Whether it be exchanging glances or the greatest love of all matters not as it sure as shit beats hate and has far less nefarious intentions. Fuck hate…

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