Forgotten Entries

The following were written on December 21, 2014 in an old journal that I found stuffed on a shelf, where they waited, forgotten, until now.


The ice is spreading.

A tiny little prick invests the heart.

The light is fading.

More ice spreads as hope is lost.

All it would take is a spark.

Just one spark to chase away the dark.

Time is running out.

The ice will win.

Frozen eternally.

The light is gone.

Dark. All is dark.

There was no spark.

It was a lie. A myth.

All is ice. All is frozen.

All is frozen. In the dark.

The Glimpse

A small glimpse, if you dare

Water trickles over broken blades

Towering rocks with jagged edges,

A meadow in flames

Just a small glimpse

Tulips blooming in the night

Puffy clouds floating on lakes

All is mist


A soft sigh in the dark

My skin tingles in anticipation

Deep within there’s a spark of life

A yearning fills me, just one caress

It will be the death of me

The spark grows at the thought

Reaching out blindly

Will you dare to grab my hand and guide it?

The light scent of you fills my nostrils

My head grows dizzy

Another soft sigh in the dark.

Oh, the sweet anticipation.


Release me from my torture

Find me in the darkness

Feed my inner fire

Touch my sharp edges

Fill in my broken pieces

Let me caress your insides

Let me wander your long corridors

Light my fire

Set my soul ablaze

Build me up

Tear down the walls

Release all desires

Free my spirit

Harness my energy

Light up my eyes

Fulfill all of your desires

Break loose

Do it!

Just set us on fire.

The Forgotten

Everyone I hold close forgot

They played it off, opps

It is no big deal

I plaster a smile on my face

I carry on.

Lies. It is all lies.

They forgot. Who cares?

I forget and the world ends.

So tired.

It hurts, to be forgotten.

The forgotten. Ha! Who cares?

You smile. You placate. You die inside.

Tomorrow? Maybe it will be better.

Maybe, it will be the same.

So tired are the forgotten.

How long can the strong remain that way?

How can the ones who were forced to be strong rely on others?

So many questions.

Never any answers.

Cry a river and weep some more.

Oh my forgotten.

May tomorrow will be better.

Doesn’t matter.

Tomorrow is the same.

Today was forgotten and tomorrow equals pain.

Good bye tomorrow.

Good bye today.

Good bye the forgotten.

Good bye to the pain.

Reap what you sow.

Reap your pain.

Good bye tomorrow.

Good bye to the pain.

The forgotten will rest.

It was all in vain.


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