One step forward, then two steps back

You see the grooves in yonder earth?

Look closer. The ground is stained from your toil.

That is your blood. Your sweat. Your tears.

The greedy soil soaked every drop up hungrily. It cares not for your plight.

Back and forth you walk, stuck in the same place.

The walls of dirt get higher as your feet carve a deeper and deeper rut.

 One step forward, two steps back. That is the way you build your fate in the bad luck rut.

 Why not step to the right or the left? Why stay in the same place?

It is easy to judge from afar which way one should go.

Inside the deepening trench, clawing back out it much harder.

The walls crumble in, burying you for your troubles.

People come along and with their excuses and weak promises, shovel more earth on top of you.

One step forward, too many steps back.

 Betrayal of the worst kind weakens your spirit. Trust is lost.

Your shoes are worn. Your clothes are much too thin.

The cold creeps into your bones.

No longer are you in awe of what once captivated you.

You crave it, but you loathe it too.

Taking a step forward loses its appeal.

Might as well take a few more steps back.

 The colors drain out of the world.

Filth piles up around you.

Deeper into the ground you go.

You hate the way things are now.

Every word you hear from another twists your gut a little more every day.

Excuses, traps, lies, and deception.

You see it all and it makes you want to scream.

You’ve taken your last step back.


The sun is but a speck when you gaze up from the hole you have dug.

To climb out, you will suffer.

You will have to sacrifice.

No one will be there to do it for you.

The choice is yours. Stay in the depths of your self-made prison or fight?

To stay means acceptance of everything, the lies, broken promises, and excuses.

To leave means walking away.

Each choice has its own consequences.

Neither option will be easy.

 One step forward, three steps back.

Climbing out of the bad luck rut.

No more lies. Another step forward.

No more excuses. Only half a step back.

No more heart ache. Three steps forward.

Body aching. Soul suffering. Almost to the top.

The earth crumbling. No more shoes.

Dig. Dig. Dig. Escape.


Fresh air upon your face.

Warmth slowly soaking into your skin.

You are covered with filth, but you made it.

One more chore to do before you go.

Cover the rut with dirt so you never again fall in.

Take those liberated and hard-won steps forward.

Whatever you do from here, never look back. 



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