The Light Within

Every now and then, I need something to make me smile. I don’t mean a laugh. I mean something that starts deep within me and radiates outward. In short, it gives me the warm and fuzzies. I am a hopeless romantic at heart, something that I have only revealed to one other soul. I hope to capture the essence of that love and share it with others. It may not be romantic love, per say, but it is the love of life, the love of another human. I wish for you to smile brighter, to stand up straighter, hold your head up higher, and above everything else, soar.

Beyond Hope’s Moment

The Last Dead End

After the Last Dead End: The Journey Across the Desert

Discarding Fantasy for Reality: This is just me

One step forward, then two steps back

The Truth About Signs

Hell Becomes Me Without Home

Once Upon a What If

The Ties That Bind Us Should Not Break Us

The Small Things in Life Really Do Matter: There is no “Build a Mate Workshop”

No Lies & Deceit: It pays to be me


The Miracle that Awakens

Iron out those pesky wrinkles

Tough Love & Soul Mates

The Yearning


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